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Giving #indieweb a whirl… anything could happen. #procrastination

  1. Replied to a post by Sarah Dillon Sarah Dillon Sarah Dillon ( #​indieweb a whirl… anything could happen. #​procrastination
    Welcome to the IndieWeb! It’s great to see another scholar join the club and potentially be using it for education/research purposes.
    It may be a stretch of timezones, but IndieWebCamp New Haven is this weekend; I suspect there will be some discussion of using IndieWeb within education. Kimberly Hirsh, a doctoral student in information and library science, will be giving the keynote and I heard it will have an education related bent.
    There are a bunch of us WordPressers around if you need any help/hints or need sites to look at for potential inspiration. Feel free to reach out if you need any help.
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